The first

by Nick Smith in

The first post of a new blog is always an interesting endeavor.  It's supposed to lay the groundwork for what this blog will do.  This blog is basically a way for me to organize my thoughts about various things in my life.  Whatever is on my mind at a particular point in time.  I still haven't decided if I'm going to tell anyone about it.  I still haven't decided who I will tell if I do.  We'll see. Side note: I wish there were essays to accompany Explosions in the Sky's music, as I wish there were words to latch these magnificent melodies to.  Someone with more of a gift for flowery language should get on that.

Related note: I've been a little productive today writing music.  Kurt was here and we played and developed a song idea I had some.  I have an excellent line that I want to build the lyrics around. "But breathing all that water just makes me that much more thirsty for the air."

And tonight I wrote some verses and a chorus for some chords I had been playing with.

I wanna sweep you off your feet Trip you up and watch you fall right down into your seat

See me at the bottom I am waving up to you Your simple smile is my last line to dreams that can come true

What your mouth refused to say is anybody's guess And in the absence of a no, all I hear is yes.

I wanna watch you stop treading so you sink I'm gonna keep my eyes fixed on you 'til you blink I wanna drag you all the way down to heaven

I wrote that last line of the chorus a few days ago and fell in love with it immediately.  Obviously the rest is sort of built around it.  I really like coming up with oxymoronic language, so obviously when I came up with "I wanna drag you all the way down to heaven" the more twisted logical centers in my brain were thoroughly stimulated.

So now I'm just listening to EitS and thinking.  I need a new pair of headphones because Your Hand In Mine is coming on and one channel of my headphones is broken and that's not OK.