In Other News....

by Nick Smith in

I figured I'd post about other stuff than the big love day. This blog has helped keep me productive with my writing.  Still haven't finished the song I was referring to before.  As I was driving today, I thought of a metaphor that really made me happy.  As I got home later, during my brother's party (which consisted of watching the Olympics then playing Rock Band), I retreated to my room and started strumming my guitar.  I came up with a riff/progression (it's a little bit of both and not a lot of either, it's pretty simple) that I really liked, and thankfully was able to call up the metaphor I thought of earlier and it got me started on some lyrics to go with it.

Lately, my lyrics have been way too focused on one very specific occurrence in interpersonal relations.  I would really like to bust out of that.  The rut I am referring to is not lyrical in origin, but it does manifest itself in the vaguely metric words I rhyme together.  And yes, I am going to be cryptic about it.

I listened to some Mountain Goats albums I had never heard before on the road today.  I am continually amazed by the seemingly bottomless well of heart-wrenching turns of phrase that John Darnielle draws from.   It is going to take a tremendous amount of creative force to reach escape velocity from his influence.  This is generally an ongoing mental struggle that reaches far beyond the Mountain Goats.  I yearn more than anything to do something very original and innovative.  The trouble is I am so strongly attached to all of the work that influences me that I find it incredibly difficult to create something cripplingly derivative.  Such is art.

Also, in general thinking came up with a line to use in the future somewhere: I am way too fucked up to not be an artist.

I miss football and the draft is way too far away.

The Bills remind me of myself.  Once great, never reached the pinnacle, now completely hopeless, and overly dramatic about all of these things.

I am very excited to go cheer on the Midd club volleyball team tomorrow.  It is going to be difficult to restrain myself from going out on the court and taking a few swings.

Anybody got any good ideas for cities for me to move to after September?  I'm looking for a warmer climate, would like to get off the East Coast, and want the best opportunity for my music to blossom.  I also want to be able to afford to live off a crappy job that will be easy to get.  The kind of job that doesn't involve a lot of thought.  I want my mental energies focused on music.

I finished off ripping an entire big binder of Phish concerts I had been working on for several months last night.  MEANINGLESS PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT!

I fully appreciate the body image issues endemic to life as an American woman, but why is no attention EVER PAID to those of the American man?  I acknowledge that you have it worse, ladies, but it still isn't necessarily easy to be a guy.

I made my bed today for the first time in ages.

The whiskey I drank tonight was put in a barrel when I was 9 0r 10 years old, if not earlier.

I miss watching Buffy.  I finally brought the boxed set here, but I haven't figured out the right place to jump in, so I haven't watched.  Suggestions welcome.

I'm not going to build a career in music playing covers.  Yet I spend 90%+ of the time I play guitar playing covers.

And I just put on a Mountain Goats song, so I'm gonna stop writing before this takes a turn for the depressing(er).

I am very interested in what you think of my blog.  The best way to let me know your thoughts is with comments.