Breakfast, I am an OCD music nerd, and some lyrics

by Nick Smith in

I had a fantastic breakfast this morning.  Up until fairly recently, breakfast was my least favorite meal of the day.  I had a really hard time getting into what most people really go for like pancakes, sausage, and french toast.  Then I discovered across the combination of foods I will hereafter refer to as the Great American Breakfast, because I think it is an accurate description and a far superior breakfast to anything else you could thrust on the counter in front of me.  Here is what I consider the recipe for the true GAB.

  • 2-3 Eggs (Scrambled or fried or whatever you prefer)
  • Bacon, Sausage, or Ham (I prefer bacon, 3 strips bare minimum, 4 is a pretty safe medium size)
  • ~2 slices buttered toast
  • Homefries
  • 1 cup of coffee

There will be no sugary cakelike things.  Don't get me wrong, I love sugar.  I ate pancakes and french toast for a very long time.  I would always get excited about them, and then by the time I was 1 or 2 deep, I would feel like crap.  Yet every time I would keep going back and greeting these foods with excitement.  Eventually it happened enough that I realized I just don't really like them.  This also coincided with my discovery of the breakfast sandwich (bacon egg and cheese on a bagel opened my eyes to the possibilities of breakfast).  Once I realized it was just as good on a plate, it was a match made in heaven.

Also, I have a very love-hate on again/off again relationship with coffee.  I was a big coffee drinker for a long time.  Then I quit it because I realized I always felt like crap when I drank it.  Now I have an appreciation for it in the right situations.

In other news, I have been very focused on keeping my life more organized lately.  My room has been cleaner, which makes me a little more productive.  Now the organization process has moved onto a phase that will take months if not years to complete: managing my immense music collection.  As most of you know I have a tremendous collection of concert recordings of Phish and some other bands.  It has been an ongoing struggle over the years to get all of that music loaded into iTunes, additionally complicated by the fact that I tend to download more music until I fill my harddrives, which must then be burned to cd and ripped because that's the form my OCD takes.  I have been making great progress the last few days, and have cleared a large amount of space on my harddrive through burning as well as gotten a huge amount of cds ripped into my computer and at my fingertips.  Since I have 2 computers now, I can burn with one computer and rip with the other, greatly increasing my efficiency it this silly task.  But I now have Phish's fall tour both on disc and in my computer, so I feel happy about that.

In other music silliness, while I have been performing these tasks, I have been working on getting through the music in my iTunes library, getting at least one all-important play count on every track.  This is will take even longer, but will not be as labor-intensive.  I have made a playlist that automatically updates itself and always contains all of the songs that have 0 play count (after a song is played it is automatically removed).  The playlist now stands at 55 days and change worth of music.  It is a substantial mountain of music I have yet to climb, but I shall overcome.

On the playlist, I was wading through the Beck I have the past few days.  A lot of people really like Beck.  I like Beck, but I don't really find myself wanting to listen to him any time that I am not actually listening to him.  I also have been plowing through the Umphrey's McGee podcasts.  I still have like 80 of those to get through.  Right now, I've decided to listen to Phish's fall tour that I just put in there.

I had plans to write some stuff today, but that fell through.  I was very productive last night, though, so I'm happy about that.  I need to stop starting new songs though and finish the ones I have so I can get them finalized, recorded, and memorized so I can post them and play them live.  I've got about 5 songs in the hopper right now.  Here's one I suppose is finished, at least for now.  It's called "Who Cares"

Drunkenly dancing through this minefield We're young nothing will ever explode. And what is fate to you, I know I've had mine sealed. Who said the future has to be one straight road?

And so we run, your cloak casts a long shadow in the washing of the late afternoon sun I'm blinded when it reflects off your smile, and it's my greatest hope that this will never cease to be fun.

And we go running ahead of ourselves And who cares if we ever find our shoes again? And who cares if the future ever comes If it does we'll worry about it then And who cares if it starts raining We won't be bothered by some little storm And who cares if the sun goes down and it gets cold We'll keep running and we'll stay warm

And then we run until we hit the ocean We lay in the sand and everything means a little more The sun's in our minds and an alternate notion Comes up and grabs us right there on the shore

There's nothing left to live for but the moment Cause the future's long since over with and the past won't be here for quite a while So let's just stay right here and watch the sky change colors We can spend the rest of the summer here on this magical isle.

And we go running outside of ourselves And who cares if we ever find our shoes again? And who cares if the future ever comes If it does we'll worry about it then And who cares if it starts raining We won't be bothered by some little storm And who cares if the sun goes down and it gets cold We'll lay right here and we'll stay warm

Please let me know what you think in the comments section.  I'm always interested to see what people think.   Or if you have something else to say, please feel free.  I strongly urge you to leave comments on any topic really, other than spam.  I wanna know what people think about this blog, the songs I'm writing, and all other kinds of matters.  And if you're worried about being judged by having these comments judged by any people that may be happening to read it, know that a. not that many people read it, and b. I'm writing out these big long posts and sharing a great deal with you, so please return the favor by popping a few sentences in the comment box.

Love always,