My weekend and what I've been up to

by Nick Smith in

I owe you kind folks a blog post.  I don't really have much to say tonight.  I got some videos posted.  I hope you like them.  The first is a song I wrote called "Down."  There's parts of it I really like and parts I'm really happy with, but I decided to let it fly and see what happens.  The second song is a Mountain Goats song called "The Mess Inside."  It's off All Hail West Texas, an incredible album I heartily recommend.  If you can't make out the lyrics due to the shittiness of my laptop's mic, look up the lyrics, they're not terribly hard to find.  The lyrics about attempting to recapture what you've lost with someone are hauntingly incisive and although their applicability to events in my life is indirect at best, I follow where John Darnielle is trying to take me.  That is one of my favorite aspects of John Darnielle's lyrics: that even if they don't directly reflect events in your life, they are still fairly easy to wrap your head around and connect with the emotion he is putting forward. So this weekend, I went out Friday night in Albany and had a fabulous evening with some folks.  Saturday I did very little.  I took a tremendous nap, then watched all of the current season of "Parks & Recreation" before doing the dishes and going to bed.  I like Parks and Rec a lot.  I don't like making comparisons to the Office when talking about it because EVERYONE does, but I think it has a constant shifting of the relationships between characters that keeps things interesting.  I just hope Louis C.K. comes back.  Sorry if that was a spoiler.

Today I did grocery shopping and laundry, then got the video of "Down" recorded.  I had "The Mess Inside" done already, I was just waiting for an original to package it with.  Hopefully I'll get a version of "Who Cares" recorded and up on YouTube soon.   I then spent some time strumming Guillermo and trying to write.  I got a little bit of Jameson-fueled work done while my attention span remained.  Then I watched Kicking & Screaming and had a great conversation with Jason about the movie and the future, then made dinner.  Now I'm blogging.  Tomorrow is work.  I have lots of time.  With patience and perseverance, I will make great progress.

No new lyrics complete.  Currently in various forms of process are a few aborted songs where I forgot to write down the chords, a verse for a brand new song I started today, and some various bits of lyrics that don't have music assigned yet.  Even with the little amount of work that I have done, I have seen marked improvement in my lyrics, at least in my perception.  We'll see how that goes.

I'm gonna add a new thing, a "feature" possibly, mostly just a thing I'm gonna try to do on a regular basis.  I'm gonna put a little snippet of a quote at the bottom of every blog post from here on out.  I was inspired to do it by Tycho from Penny Arcade.  If you are the hunting kind, I definitely recommend that you hunt down the quote and expose yourself to the greater work it is drawn from.  It will inevitably enrich your life.  The first one is kind of a trick because it's a title and not a quote, as instrumental music is quite difficult to quote with the written word.  If you have trouble and really wanna know, contact me and I'll help straighten you out.  I am always looking to take people under my wing to show them good music and stuff.  If you have stuff you think I should be hearing, feel free to let me know what is, I wish to learn as well as teach.


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