Wrote a new song today

by Nick Smith in

Hey all.  I wrote a new song today.  It is called "Money Can't Buy Love."  Here's a link to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTCZjSLlIrc

Here are the lyrics:

Alone in my office, reading my reports Can't focus on anything, I'm all out of sorts Maybe I will go out tonight, to a bar I know Where you can't hide in the darkness, where they play the music low.
Doesn't matter who made the suit I wear, or where I got my shoes. People will filter in and out, and I won't get to choose. Other guys, they have their pick, it's them I'm jealous of, But I will sleep alone tonight, cause money can't buy love.
My companion for the evening is the courage in my glass I see a beautiful woman, in silence I let her pass. A song I like comes over the speakers, I have no one to share it with They say "Dreams come true" but it's proven to be a myth.
Is it karma that's been causing this, for some evil long forgotten If making money is a sin, then I guess my soul is rotten. Is it a lack of confidence, good looks, or effort, or all of the above. It's not security I can assure you, but money can't buy love.
Am I naive for wanting a little more than a one-night stand I'm looking for the figure I imagine in the future that I've planned. Just when I've hit bottom, the tender fills me up again My hope will give out soon it's just a question of when.
"Tomorrow's a new day" I lie to myself, I leave a tip on the table. Why do I deserve a happy ending, my life is not a fable. There's no one coming who matches me, who fits me like a glove. This nice guy will finish last, cause money can't buy love.

The concept popped into my brain a few days ago.  I realized that I needed to stop trying to write things from my own limited perspective and putting myself in situations and I needed to come up with new people whose perspectives I can channel into new ideas.  This concept hit me all at once.  The title and the character occurred simultaneously and I finally sat down to write it out today and it flowed pretty freely.  He's basically a very successful businessman, who is incredibly lonely and lacking in self-confidence, who goes out every weekend to the bar he likes and enjoys his beer alone.  He sees the people around him having a great time and is unable to tap into it.

The guitar line came easily and the singing is some of the most natural I have written for myself, so I really like how it turned out.  It runs a bit long, but that's because it's very slow, but I felt it needed 3 verses to stretch out in.  I am extremely pleased that none of the rhymes with love feel forced (at least to me) as I feel like usually happens when attempting it, as there are so few words, and above usually sounds forced at the end of a sentence and anytime you use the word dove you're probably burning a line or 2 just shoehorn it in.  So I like this song, and feel like it's some of my strongest writing yet.  Feedback is most welcome, don't be afraid to be critical.

Keep the rubber side down,


And an astronaut could have seen the hunger in my eyes from space.