War, Death, Disease, Destruction, and Umbrellas

by Nick Smith in

It's been a while since I've posted.  Sorry about that.  It's been a busy week.  Chances are very slim I will actually mention any of the buzzwords from the title.  Today I watched almost the entire first three seasons of It's Almost Sunny In Philadelphia.  Needless to say, I really like it.  The show I connect it to most is Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Both have the unsympathetic main characters who draw the comedy from their failures.  The difference to me is that Sunny has an ensemble rather than a central character, and Curb's crashes and burns are a little too heavy on the cringe and not enough on the laughs for me, whereas I get more laughs from Sunny. If you haven't watched any Monty Python's Flying Circus lately, I suggest you go do that now.  I'll wait.

Sorry it's been kind of a crazy week for me.  I just had a lot of stuff going on and night meetings for work and stuff.  I haven't really written anything this week.  My mind just hasn't been in the right place.  Anything I would have written would have just been incredibly ham-handed, lacking in interesting ideas and pregnant with cliches.  I've been banging around on guitar a little bit and have come up with a little there, maybe some useable material, but we'll have to see.

I've given up on the 2010 Buffalo Bills.  There is literally no way they can slap together a winning team next year.  I'm hoping they truly shit the bed and get a draft pick in the top 3 next year.  When the Bills make the playoffs again, virtually no one on the roster right now will be the reason for it.

I really don't enjoy being drunk that much anymore.  The hangover just isn't worth it to me these days.  I'm not completely hanging up my drinkin' boots, I'm just gonna try to take it a little easier, as I don't really enjoy being a drunk asshole.

I guess I'll write a little bit about Radiohead since I have been listening to them quite a great deal lately.  The backstory here is that I had a very love-hate relationship with the band for a very long time.  I've been into OK Computer since I was in high school, and never really had animosity toward them musically.  The best I can explain it is that there was some serious cognitive dischord between the fact that I liked them and the tremendous popular success they have been having.  I would love Radiohead when I listened to them, but when I wasn't listening to them (which was far too often) I viewed them as a trendy and overrated band, forgetting about the music I enjoyed.  Thanks to an increased diet of Kid A, I have been cured of this illness.  Radiohead is a great band.  I can say that unequivocally now.  You have to be awfully strange to deny it.  When a band is hosing you in the face with creativity like that, you just have to admit that the stuff dripping down your shirt is incredible.

I need to get back to doing stuff, but doing stuff costs money.  I miss frisbee, bowling, and volleyball, but doing those things takes money, people, and sometimes weather.  I don't really do a lot of stuff anymore.  I pretty much just work and come home.  And some weekends go out to Albany.  I need to stop just riding the bike here and go over to the gym at Union.  I'll get a better workout and get out of the house.

Ok, I guess that logically the next topic is crappy '80s teen comedies and how awesome they are, naturally.  They're awesome.  This is a fact.  Sixteen Candles is truly one of my favorite movies ever.  I like to think there's a little bit of Samantha Baker in all of us.  Then again, there's also a little bit of Long Duck Dong in all of us, so take that for what it's worth.  It's not often you see a movie where John Cusack never manages to redeem himself for repeatedly looking like an ass.  The other day I watched a lesser-known one of these.  No faces you would really recognize at all, save the generic '80s bully, and the ever-gorgeous Sherilyn Fenn (I don't remember what number rule it is, but you'd better not forget the rule with her).  Just pure '80s ridiculousness.  It's called Just One of the Guys and you can watch it for free on Hulu.  I recommend you do so soon, before you forget.  You can't go wrong with a high-school student temporarily pretending to be a boy and autonomously changing schools just to prove a ridiculous point about sexism in journalism, all while her parents are miraculously out of town and never seen.

In unrelated Hulu news, Cliffhanger is on there.  You're welcome.  I watched it Saturday night.  I won't get into it now, but I do need to write some about '80s action movies and '90s action movies and why they are different, but both awesome.

I need to buy some white t-shirts so I can make t-shirts again.  Although I also need to come up with new stuff to write on them.

I am constantly torn between the competing urges to completely reinvent myself and to not fake it and be as true to myself as possible.  It is very strange, although probably not terribly uncommon.  I recognize that my life needs some shaking up, but do not want to betray who I am.  The ideal path is to shake myself up in a way that is me, but not something I have really done before.  What that is, however, I have absolutely no idea.

My mom has sort of planted a seed of an idea in my head that I should look to get into writing.  She thinks I have an interesting perspective and way with the language.  It's not something I really thought about growing up because to me a writer was a person who wrote novels and that was it.  I didn't really understand there were a lot more different types of writing to engage in.  I had thought about possibly trying to get into standup comedy, but I also like the sort of grab-bag style I have here with my blog.  I have lately fallen in love with Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy who writes on ESPN.com and how he uses the freedom he has to write about whatever he feels like.  He has written columns for ESPN.com just about his favorite underrated movies, the worst types of people you encounter in casinos, and how to deal with wives/girlfriends when you're trying to watch the game with your buddies.  I am interested in so many things that that sort of style works for me, where I can cover whatever interests me without any real limitations on my subject matter.  I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on my writing.  Comments are welcome, as well as communication along more private channels if you so prefer.  I love to hear from you guys.

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