My new favorite song

by Nick Smith in

And by this I don't mean it's now my favorite song ever.  It''s just the song that is dominating my mind today and is likely to have a strong presence for at least a week. I can't remember where the seed was planted, but for some reason or another I thought it would be a good idea to check out the Magnetic Fields.  I went for it and placed my hands upon 69 Love Songs.  I put the first disc on one night this week as I was going to bed, and the third song came on and positively haunted me.  I am literally listening to it on repeat right now.

It is called "All My Little Words."   Go pull it up on iTunes or Youtube right now.  Even if you already know and love it.  And especially if you have never heard it or the Magnetic Fields before.  There is so much to love in this song, both lyrically and musically.  Where do I start?  Let's start with the lyrics, because my thoughts on the music will be derivative of my thoughts on the lyrics.  I love songs that are intensely precise snapshots of a specific point of a scenario between two lovers.  This song exquisitely captures the moment where one partner realizes that regardless of any attempted countermeasures, the person he loves (I use person because gender doesn't always break down in traditional ways with the Magnetic Fields) is going to leave him.  The lyrics lay the heart of this character so bare the chorus is practically moist with his blood.  I also love the line "Not if I could write for you/the sweetest song you've ever heard."  That line really hits me, because in the heat of discovering it, this song contends for that title in my mind.  Also the fact that he admits that, even if he performs the most outrageous gestures of devotion and affection, they won't be sufficient to induce his partner to change their heart.

As for the music, it is very simple.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the banjo.  In a sense, I think the banjo represents the narrator, while the guitar represents his partner.  The continuous strumming of the guitar is the inevitability of the partner leaving.  It's not slowing down.  It's not speeding up.  It's not changing its mind.  The banjo's hollow resonance just pierces me like shrapnel.  No matter what he says with the notes he plays, how he harmonizes or provides rhythmic counterpoint, his partner in the guitar is just going to keep strumming along out the door.  In a less symbolic sense, I just love how the banjo punctuates each bar of the guitars strumming and leads to the next chord.  And I'm a total sucker for cello.  You put a cello under an acoustic guitar and I turn into a puddle of mush.

I really like this song.  I hope I never get sick of it.

Get Ho Get Lei'd is this weekend!  I am going up to Midd tomorrow for the best weekend of the year.  For the lay, Get Ho Get Lei'd is the annual ultimate tournament the Middlebury Pranksters host every year at the end of spring semester.   The current Pranksters break up into co-ed teams.  The Prankster alumni form a couple of teams (normally called Tastes Like Chicken).   We hold the annual BBQ where the torch is officially passed from the graduating seniors to the rising seniors and the traditional roles of captains, party captains, Punch Bitch, etc. are bestowed for the next year.  Some cool club and college teams come play some sweet disc.  And we throw the biggest party of the year on Saturday night.  There is nothing better.  Legends are made at Get Ho.

I am psyched for my first Get Ho as an alum.  I will do just about anything I can do to make it to Get Ho until I die.  I've been getting prepped for it by going and cheering on both the Men's and Ladies' teams at sectionals the last two weeks, where both ripped apart the competition, all while maintaining the flairy tradition of the Pranksters to the utmost.  I am incredibly excited to go to Get Ho this weekend, then watch them each attempt to be the first Prankster team to qualify for Nationals the following weekend.  No better time to be a Prankster.

Don't forget to conserve your greatness, Nick

We don't mess around.  HEY!