A series of unconnected paragraphs

by Nick Smith in

Work has begun on Scale From One To Yes.   And by work has begun, I mean I took many takes of one song.  And botched most of them horribly.  But I did get 1 good take of "Down" yesterday.  So I guess I'm gonna work on other songs, maybe do a few more takes of "Down" later and see if I can get anything better.   Besides I know "Down" a lot better than the rest of the songs. Anyway.  I went to Madison last weekend.  It was the tits.  The mighty Merry Pranksters were playing in Nationals.  My birthday was Saturday.  Friends live there.  Good all around.  The Pranksters did an awesome job.  They played hard and they played with flair.  Sadly the ladies didn't win any games, but the guys finished tied for 11th, including a win over the feared Colorado Mamabird.   I spent the weekend hanging out with a bunch of Prankster alums I had not really had the opportunity to hang out with before, which was sweet.   I got to hang out with Jessie, which rocked.  Sadly, I didn't have time to hang out with Wifey (sorry, Wifey!).  All in all, a fantastic weekend.  Also, go to brosicingbros.com .  That had a strong and hilarious influence on events that weekend.

This is the first weekend I can just chillax at home since like the middle of April.  Totally taking advantage.  It's barely noon and I'm already drinking a Spotted Cow, because I brought a case of that shit home from Madison, because it's summer, and Spotted Cow is the ultimate summer beer, and I write run-on sentences.  So I'm going to take advantage and hopefully get some work done on the EP and much psychological regeneration.  Maybe knock off a good chunk of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, which I'm getting around to reading about 5 years too late.  Wish I had read it while I was still in school so I could bring a little more Prankster to the Pranksters.

I am trying desperately to transfer my listening habits from Mountain Goats mode to Phish mode, as summer tour is coming up and I need to prepare.  I am doing a 4-night run in Hartford and Saratoga June 17-20.  My first ever run longer than 2 nights.  Gonna have Kurt with me, and I'm totally gonna KIF it w/ the LP gang.  But those pesky Mountain Goats still linger.  "Song For An Old Friend" has infected my brain stem.  I recorded a cover of it for Youtube yesterday so I could hopefully get on to other things.  We'll see how that goes.  You can see it by going to my Youtube page.

I finally get to play ultimate again.  That is exciting to me.  I think I'm playing much better than I have for a long time.

That's all I got.

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house, Nick

You'll need a two-car garage