The things we learn too late

by Nick Smith in

So I've been living in this apartment for 9 months and change right now.  I have felt kind of cooped up here and I just finally realized now why that is.  I have nowhere to go here.  This neighborhood is set up to feed into Union's campus.  Not having any need to go to Union's campus, or friends elsewhere in the neighborhood, I sit in my apartment.  There is no convenient nearby thing to walk to.  No coffee house around the corner.  No thing to draw me out of my room.  I think it's terrible that the only place I go in the city I live in on a regular basis is my apartment, with the exception of an occasional trip to Price Chopper (although I prefer to go to the Hannaford in Niskayuna anyway).   And the only reason I live here is because my brother already lived here and there was an open spot.  I'm really excited to live somewhere new.  The only thing I'm going to miss is Back Porch Studios, the porch off my room where I have been recording Scale From One To Yes. Progress on SFOTY is going very slowly.   I have a good version of "Down" recorded, but I've been SO goddamned busy that I haven't gotten much else done.  I need to learn my songs, but I just don't have enough time to play.  I still have a month and change left, but I'm going to need to get seriously invested in July if I'm going to have it out to the world by the 26th like I originally promised.

I need to get a real job.  This is the totally sucky realization I've come to.   Now I just need to actually start looking for one.  I hate job searching more than anything.  I know how wrong this feeling is, but for some reason applying for a job has this sense of finality to it for me, so I procrastinate getting serious about job searching.  It's something I'm going to have to work on getting over in the coming months, as, mercifully yet ominously, unemployment approaches.


I've been watching a lot of basketball lately.  Now we're 6 games into the Finals.  The Celtics had total control of this series, then pissed it away to the Lakers tonight.  I hate the goddamn Lakers.  Probably more than I hate the Yankees.  The only teams I can comfortably say I hate more than the Lakers are the Patriots and the Steelers.  Fuck those guys.  Kobe Bryant is an asshole.  Pau Gasol is a big stinky Spaniard.

This is the first time I've ever gotten REALLY into the NBA.  And I kinda like it.  Got my favorite team (former Seattle Supersonics, who I refuse to call by name).  Got my favorite player (Kevin Durant).  Got a team/player to virulently hate (Lakers/Kobe).  I'm all set.


This week I get to go see a buttload of Phish.  You bet your ASS I'm excited!  Like a 15 year old sneaking into a strip club!  4 days.  2 cities.  4 concerts.  Me.  Kurt.   ROCK.  Never done more than a 2 night run before.  This is gonna be friggin' SWEET.

I am currently in the process of attempting to get better at the internet.  I feel like there are 3 major things holding me back from getting to a happy place webz-wise.  1. I have no knowledge of any sort of relevant code or formatting.  2.  I can't draw/photoshop/visually design anything for shit.  3. I have no concept of how to properly market myself on the internet, and have so far rode the wave of the goodwill of friends.  So thanks, friends.  Any help I can get with any of these things is always MUCH MUCH appreciated.  I would love for this blog not to be plain white and boring so it looks kinda like.....something that represents me.

Anyway, that's what's goin' on with me.  I'm goin' to bed (if I can end this Youtube binge).

Tenderly, Nick

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