I need to do more stuff

by Nick Smith in

I need to do more stuff.  I like this music thing, but I can't hang my hat on it carrying me career-wise, so I have to keep my options open.  I'm looking for jobs right now, but that is HARDLY germane to this.  I know full well that the kind of network-apply-interview-office job that is seemingly my only out is NOT what I want in the long run.  Therefore, I should work on various creative endeavours so that hopefully I find out I'm good enough at one of them to do it for a modest living.  This blog is a tiny slice of it.  The music is the first one.  I love doing the music.  But there's more baskets for these here eggs. I have a very strong interest in standup comedy.  I think it is something I might be good at if I take the time to assemble some material.  Sometimes when I talk, people laugh, which indicates to me that I may have some success at trying to make people laugh professionally.  It is something I plan to explore in more seriousness when I reach my next stop.  Maybe I can take some sort of class or workshop when I land and develop some chops.

Just today, I was watching an episode of Penny Arcade TV with my dear friend, the Dewj.  This episode was looking sort of at the process that goes into writing a strip of Penny Arcade.  It came to me that this was the type of thing I could probably manage to do with some amount of skill if I were to make any attempt to develop it.  Of course, I can't draw, so I would need to tether myself to someone who can draw better than I can.  Shouldn't be TOO hard.  All it takes to draw better than me is to be older than 4.   Although it would help for that person to have a comparable brain to mine.  I am an ideas man (Michael, I think I proved that with F*** Mountain), but doubt I could carry out all the necessary brain lifting.  Anyone who can kinda draw and thinks it'd be fun to work on a webcomic should poke me in the ribs and let me know 'sup.

I could try to get into sportswriting.  I have been thinking about starting a sports blog to just sort of give my impressions on whatever is going on.   I have a Twitter feed devoted to sports now (@Sportsnik26).   Maybe I'll start the blog one of these days.  I'll keep you posted.

If you've been paying attention, these things correspond to the 4 pillars I mentioned in a previous post.  I have a strange cognitive dissonance where I want to create wonderful new things while simultaneously being exactly like my influences.  I like to think we all feel that way.  But then again, I'm not inside your brain, so I have no idea.

Ok.  That'll be all today.  There'll be a quiz on Wednesday.

Class dismissed, Nick

So I follow you down your twisting alleyways, find a few cul de sacs of my own.