Facebook is yesterday's news

by Nick Smith in

I'm done with Facebook.  I'll still log on obsessively to keep up with what people are doing and whatnot.  But for me, it has hit a wall and I am investing more energy into improving the Facebook experience for myself.  I have something functional that works for my narrow purposes.  There's just nothing exciting about Facebook to me anymore.  I'm not deleting my account or anything, but I'm not really going nuts making changes or anything. My future lies with Twitter.   There are two simple reasons, not independent of each other, for this shift in the landscape.  Number 1: Twitter is not about empty status updates.  It's about interacting with other people.  The people who "don't get Twitter" are the people who have not put forth the effort to get involved in the conversation.  Facebook lets you post messages and comment on them, there is a lack of flow, where a brief exchange can wind up taking place over the course of days.  Twitter is much more amenable to a conversational flow that anyone can dive on top of at any time.

Number 2: You meet new people on Twitter.  Facebook was suppose to connect us all to each other.  All it did was connected those of us that already had some connection to each other in the first place.  Did you go friending people because they happen to be a friend of a friend of yours and seemed cool?  Me neither.  But following someone is much less intrusive.  And people are much friendlier.  I have only been really involved with Twitter outside of my little circle of friends I already knew for a couple months, and I am already engaged in conversations with a whole new community of people who have sprung up through Twitter.  You don't make new friends by using Facebook.  With Facebook you make your friends in the real world, then use Facebook as a tool to interact with them in a rudimentary fashion.  With Twitter, your social circle has the ability to constantly and organically expand in really cool ways.  Wave of the future, Dude.

Snoogins, Nick

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