Scale From One To Yes Update

by Nick Smith in

I have been making a lot of new friends lately.  I'm not sure how many of them take the time to read my blog, but I am going to start at the beginning to get everyone up to speed. I am a musician.  Or at least I want to be.  I have formed a band called The Flat.  I am currently the only member of this band, but I call it a band to leave it open for future expansion.  I don't like the idea of calling it Nick Smith or the Nick Smith Band when there are other people involved. Just because I started it and plan to be the primary singer and songwriter does not mean I want to just name it after myself (besides this leaves the door open to really shitty solo projects with my name on them :P).  Besides my name is WAY too common that it gets lost in the shuffle.  Also, I think The Flat is a really cool name and I really wanted to use it.  Moving on...

For the past couple months, I have been hard at work (more like intermittently doing a little bit of work) on my very first record.  It will be an EP called Scale From One To Yes.  I plan to "release" it on July 26th (OH SHIT THAT'S 2 WEEKS AWAY).  The recording work is not done yet, as I only have passable versions of 3 songs recorded, and I would like at least 6, but will probably just do 5.

The track list as it stands now (that I am completely doing off the top of my head right now) is as follows.  I wrote the music and lyrics to all of the songs.

1. Who Cares 2. Down 3. Stroll 4. Cold Coffee 5. Money Can't Buy Love

I am working on putting together some form of an album cover so that it looks a lot more official (and people take it kind of seriously).

The true struggle for me is I want this to register for people as the first step on a road to becoming a serious musician, and not the cd your buddy gave you of his shitty bar band.  In my mind that is a tremendous hump to get over as a musician.

I have not decided yet exactly how distribution will work.  I would really like to do this primarily on CD's and not by download, so that there is a tangible object they are receiving and so that people can see the cover art without downloading and printing it themselves.  But at the same time, I want as many people to hear it as possible, and the best way to do that is by offering it as a free download.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  If you have any advice or ideas, please let me know.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Versions of all of these songs (except Who Cares), as well as the lyrics to every song, are available on my Youtube page and on archive posts of this blog respectively.  There should be a link to the Youtube page on the right side of this page.

I would like to thank all of you in advance for supporting me in my musical endeavors.  This is my dream.  Anything you can do to help me dream it will always be appreciated.  Please open your ears and share my dream with your friends so we can open as many ears as possible.

If you want a copy of the album, shoot me a tweet/comment/carrier pigeon/e-mail/phone call/telegram/text/smoke signal and let me know and I will make sure it finds its way into your hands and ears.

You are all 1s, Nick

Gonna steal time from the faulty plan, gonna act as though I'm still a man