It's Finally Here!

by Nick Smith in

It is finally complete.  I have finally shoved Scale From One To Yes screaming out into the cruel world.  You can download it for yourself by visiting .  I am very excited to hear what people think of it.  There are some things about it I do not like, but I am less worried about that as the main focus was to record and release something passable comprised entirely of original material.  I think I succeeded at that.  My songwriting and performance obviously has much room for improvement as I am still finding my voice.  But each road requires a single brick to be laid, and lay it I did.  And because of that, I am pleased. I have been super-frickin' busy finishing the album so I have not had time to give my loyal reader(s) the attention (t)/(s)he(y) deserve(s).  Last weekend Harold and I journeyed to Boston.  I took a bunch of pictures, and hopefully will be able to chronicle the trip sometime this week for you.

We'll keep it short tonight.

I hope you join me again soon.  Allow me to play you out.

Your host, Nick

The answer is obvious