Why I'll Be Gone

by Nick Smith in

Hey folks, As some of you may know, my life is entering a great tumultuous period. My job ends in a week and a half. I am moving back in with my parents in two weeks. Those are the only points of certainty I have right now. I bring all of this up because I am letting you know that I have decided to take a hiatus from the internet from the next week or so. The reasons are many.

With work finishing up, I've got to strap down and make sure I finish these projects right, which means minimizing distractions such as the daily Twitter chatter. I love you all very much, but I just need to step out and make sure this crap gets done.

With work finishing up, I am about to enter the terrifying world of unemployment. I am way behind on the whole getting a job process. I need to bust my balls these next couple of weeks so I can find a job and move to Wisconsin and not get stuck with my parents. That means I need to devote my nights to this for the foreseeable future, so I'm not sitting in my parents' house in November waiting for my life to start.

All this (as well as other personal) stuff has me feeling totally overwhelmed. Which makes turning to the internet to avoid my problems a dangerous crutch that has a history of causing me BUCKETS of problems (see: Almost didn't graduate on time, college). So I need to avoid Twitter. Avoid Facebook. Continue my practice of avoiding Myspace because it's just a pervhole anyway. Avoid IM. I need to cut out the stuff that begins my procrastination cycles.

I love you all very much, so don't take this as me not wanting to hang out with you guys. I totally do. I just need to take some time and get this wacky life of mine straightened out.

If you wanna check in or have something really important to tell me: E-mail me, txt me, or send me a DM on Twitter. I'll be sure to get back to you.

I will catch you all on the other side of this rift.

Love, Nick

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