New Lyrics: To Have and to Hold

by Nick Smith in

Here's some lyrics that I wrote tonight. Hopefully it is a step towards writing with a mind towards nonautobiographical content. This isn't based on anything that happened to me. The narrator is only a projection of my personality into a fictional scenario. So it's a step.  Here it is. To Have and to Hold

I suffer the grating tap tap of your keystrokes You sit there and concentrate, polishing up your jokes That you'll tell to the bride and groom's parents Interpet each word every way don't be careless

I'm laying across the room trying to close my eyes Imagining scenarios, plotting my inevitable rise Cool blue poly blend sheets are soothing almost every inch of my face And there isn't any lock on the door, but I'll never get out of this place

You've got a wedding in Pittsburgh to go to, and I'd be there with you but I had to blow two Days locked inside of a box in my mind And now you are gone out the door and I'm left behind

I hope you don't meet some smooth handsome guy at the wedding, Who pulls you in with his charm and lures you into forgetting That I'm back in Rochester falling apart on the loveseat These two days without you will certainly not be a treat

I know that I'm paranoid, but that's who I am I've got so many things running over the dam And things that spill over aren't all I've got in the pipe All the things I can't say. All the things I can't type.


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