On Saving Terriers

by Nick Smith in

Hey TV Fans, I don't know if you are watching the television show, "Terriers" but I strongly urge you to start if you haven't already. They are really struggling to gain viewers which is a shame because it's on of the best things on television. There is a campaign going to save Terriers and I figured I would do my part to support the show by spreading the word. You should watch the show somewhere where they can measure it (Hulu, iTunes, Amazon) and send an e-mail to FX (user@fxnetworks.com) letting them know you want them to bring it back for a second season. I recommend being respectful and pointing out all the things you like that FX does. Here's what I wrote:

Dear FX Network,

I have very much enjoyed watching your show "Terriers" this season. I understand that the ratings have not been stellar and its future is uncertain. While it is tough to keep a show on the air when it has struggled so much to gain a large viewing base, I love the show and would be quite disappointed if you were to cancel it. I know quality television programming, and I as a viewer can tell you it is one of the best things on television right now. Please do what you can to keep this show alive and I will do my part to keep preaching the gospel and try to bring it more viewers.
I'd also like to add that I am a huge fan of "Louie" and "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and would like to thank you strongly for continuing to put on such great television. Kudos to you for running a fantastic network.
Nick Smith

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