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I can't sleep so I thought I'd write what's kind of been on my mind lately. I have an intense longing to create. I want to put forth something new and original in some medium that resonates with people. Unfortunately I am at a total loss for just what form this creation should take. I have not been feeling it with music these last few months. Also, this current impulse is toward something with more narrative focus. I have been watching dangerous amounts of Gilmore Girls these last few weeks and it am finding a lot of inspiration in it. It led me to realize a vitally important aspect of all the writing I was doing and thinking about doing that I was neglecting. Characters. I have invested no real effort into creating characters, which I think is something that I should very much remedy. I was making these shells of people and telling them what to do. I need to invent complete people and make situations and their reactions to these situations should flow naturally from their characters.

I have decided that I need to create a fictional world that will contain all of my creations (in whatever form they take). In watching Gilmore Girls, I am left enchanted by the town of Stars Hollow. I have decided to make a unique world and populate it with characters before I begin trying to write anything. Ideally my plan is to fill it with fully imagined characters who have unique backstories, to the point where I am creating characters that I will never even use.

How I will use this world I create, I am not sure. I could use the backdrop as fodder for writing songs. If only I had some semblance of artistic talent, I'd love to do a webcomic. Maybe I could try my hand at writing straight prose, be it short stories or something in longer form. I don't know. There are reasons I feel ill-suited to any medium.

Regardless, the first step is for me to design an imaginary world and fill it with people.

By Zeus' beard. Nick

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