Laying the first bricks [N]

by Nick Smith in

So yesterday I was finishing up work and getting ready to leave when lyrics began to crystallize in my mind. Somehow I managed to carry one iteration of the refrain in my head the whole way home before I ran upstairs and immediately got to work. Out popped a little ditty about the struggle between good and evil, or good and good. It is often difficult to tell. Today I recorded a little demo for you to watch.  You can see it here:  The lyrics are as follows: The Gilded Dream Strikes Back

The very last time I walked home alone I'd thrown away all of my change I'd sold away every last stepping stone Ran east, miles out of range. Past the historical markers, The mortal remains of my trust Clutch the sword, parry and thrust.

The very last time I drove down this road I severed the brakelines in vain I burned all the cyphers that broke your code And gleefully swirled 'round the drain. Forty-one thousand four hundred and three, Anything else I bust. Clutch the sword, parry and thrust.

Vault right over the turnstile Find a good seat with a view The orbit's turned around on itself And begun to rise anew.

Today I discovered the seeds you laid In the secret rooms of my mind Someday you'll regret the day that I stayed, When I pay you back in kind. Twitching before the pistol Steal a head start if you must Clutch the sword, parry and thrust.

It takes every last drop from the Finger Lakes To drown my feverish lust Clutch the sword, parry and thrust.


I hope you like it! I am pretty happy with it. It's got a forward momentum to it, and there's a lot of stuff going on in the lyrics that tickles me. Leave your feedback in the comments! Share it with your friends! Make people listen to the EP! If you haven't yet, listen to it, then make other people listen to it!

Like a grease fire on crack