All that wasn't broken or left behind [N]

by Nick Smith in

So I've been in Madison for about 2.5 months now (margin of error +/- 0.2 months). I have been neglecting my craft in quite the embarrassing fashion, but I have been very focused on scratching out an existence here, a process which is very near completion. I have found two jobs (and lost one), currently serving as a barista at a neat little drive-thru coffee shop on one of the main thoroughfares into the city. It is great to have a job like that that I really like. I've also found a pretty decent and cheap apartment, which is where I am typing this from while listening to an old Explosions in the Sky album.  Sadly, I have barely touched Guillermo these last months, so I really don't have anything new to report, other than that I hope to get the ball rolling here soon and build up some good positive momentum writing and going out and playing in front of some people. Time to let go of the clutch and see what this baby can do. Allons-y! Nick