3/16: A wise man just said...

by Nick Smith in

"If there is something you want to be, you have to be that person every day." - Nick Smith That saying is something I came up with a few days ago, and is just about the only reason I'm writing this right now. I'm trying to commit to doing this every day because I aspire to be a person who writes things for a living. Therefore, I have decreed that I must write something every day. And this new thing I've started doing can be that thing if I need it to be.

It is just important that I use this portion of my brain every day. If I'm goign to be a writer, be it of songs or jokes or stories, until I am comfortably employed in that field, I have to be a writer every day on my own. Both so I have the practice and discipline of writing, but also so that I can conceptualize myself as a writer, because I do it every day, and the will give me the confidence so I won't feel like an impostor.

Work. And following the basketball tournament. That's about all I've been up to. And continuing to eat terribly. It's gotten to the point where I have no idea what my diet consists of, but I guess today was the first day in a while I didn't eat any pizza.  I need to do my dishes...tomorrow?

I had forgotten how nice it was to sit out on the deck of a bar on a warm night and enjoy drinks and good company. I wish I hadn't been a mess coming straight from work, but that's just how shit goes. It feels like every night social things are happening, I am working close followed by an early shift. It makes me the first one to leave and I feel like a pooper. But I have to sleep sometime...says the guy who has to punch in in six hours.

But at least I committed something to ink and pulp...to be placed in zeroes and ones...today. I call that a win, if a minor one. If I win in a minor way every day, that is a pretty goddamned major win.