3/21: Automobile?

by Nick Smith in

The weather has begun  to keep me up at night. All of my fans and my air conditioner are still back in New York. I only slept about three hours last night. Then went into battle this morning. The caffeine flying through me and the cars coming down like a hailstorm set me into a state where I am just a whirlwind of steaming milk, pouring espresso, and travel cup lids. It's a great rush, and I hadn't gotten much of a chance to do it in the last couple weeks because I've been closing so much. But then when it slowed down, I inevitably crashed. I came home and took a big nap this afternoon. I question the sustainability of this course, but I'm still young and made of rubber, so I might as well abuse it while I can. What else?

I noticed a long time ago that "Have to Explode" and "Going to Georgia" have the same chord progression. I'd been toying with the idea of slamming them together in an interesting way for a while. Today I finally attempted some sort of mashup where I alternated verses, and it kind of worked really well. I'm going to keep tinkering with it and see what it can become. It's a neat other thing I can muck around with.

I'm listening to podcasts right now, so I'm not really giving this my full attention. I think I just don't really have much today. But I wrote something. And I judged that to be good. And it was good.

Title is not relevant. 5 points for anyone who gets the reference.