3/21: The Hour Of Waking Has Grown Alarmingly Late

by Nick Smith in

I haven't slept through an alarm in a long time. So when the bright world slowly started to shine into me at 11:30 this morning, I was awfully puzzled by the hour. There should have been a sound akin to one used to alert a factory or villain's lair to a chemical spill or other grave accident emanating from my phone at 9:00. One that has never failed to wake me in the 8 or so months that I've had this "intelligent" contraption. I didn't have to work until 1 so it was no catastrophe, but I would've liked to accomplish some generic life-maintenance shit this morning. Instead, I basically just did the bridge of a Day In The Life  up until the having a smoke and going into a dream thing. That's the frustrating part of days with closing shifts: I've got to get myself up and going in the morning if I am going to wrest anything of value from the day. Unless I'm going out and being funny, which I haven't been lately, I don't do anything worthwhile after work. I've just been watching basketball today since I got home. I have not been watching enough basketball this year. Probably due to the whole no-access-to-broadcast-television thing. Just an internet connection. I'm excited for the fall when I will be settled into my new place presumably with cable and DVR and all those goodies. And closer to everything so I won't need to drive everywhere every day. Maybe I can bike and stuff. That would be a goodness.

Very little to report otherwise. Happy Syracuse fan. Will try not to be too gloaty with all the Badger fans I'll be seeing at work tomorrow. No guarantees, though.