3/26: And a Biscuit

by Nick Smith in

I've been taking a break from the old shell the last few days. Saturday after work, I trucked up to a little town called Hartford to spend in evening listening to the California Guitar Trio in the company of the incomparable Mr. Loren Claypool. They introduced a song by telling us they would be asking us to guess what time the song was in. I correctly deduced that it was 15 and when they asked us to guess at the end, I was able to stand up and proclaim it, and it felt pretty damn awesome. Sunday was more work. But then I finally went and put an end to this stupid hiatus I've been on, and I made some people laugh, which is always a goodness. Then I decided to be a Renaissance man and grabbed my guitar and went and played the late open-mic at Mickey's. So that was pretty a pretty neat evening as well.

Today I continued the apparent tradition I've developed with these 2-day-off blocks where I just flush the first day down the toilet with video games and other inactivities. But I still got up and did my time tonight, although it didn't go that well, but I'll hammer some things out tomorrow and see if I can't survive Amy's without it being a total disaster. And then hopefully I can take what I've been working on all week and try to get on at the Club on Wednesday.

So I feel like I've finally reached a point where I'm bailing water a little faster than I'm taking it on. Maybe. Maybe it was just a fluke. I hope not.

I really need to work on my stage presence. When I'm up there, I devote so much of my focus just to remembering my poorly-rehearsed jokes that I'm stuck inside myself and not pushing myself out to the rest of the room, so I only get laughs when the joke itself is so good that shines through my shaky delivery. I think all of these things will iron themselves out with time and practice. As I spend more time writing, I'll learn what I need to do to get out of my own way and let ideas flow freely. As I spend more time on stage, I'll get more comfortable standing there alone and taking command of the room. Those things will hopefully feed into each other. I just need to do a better job of devoting myself to it. And that starts with not spending most of the day playing Plants vs. Zombies and Counterstrike, mixed in with a Benadryl nap.

Now that spring is here, the allergies make their triumphant return to fuck up my head. The return of sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy mouth (I don't know what it's generally called but the back of the roof of my mouth/upper throat area gets extremely irritated), and the classic I-know-I-got-a-good-night's-sleep-but-I-still-need-a-3-hour-nap-because-Benadryl-knocked-me-the-fuck-out Game. Not excited about that.

I'll take this start to the week.