3/27: Of My Own Free Will

by Nick Smith in

Today was to be my second consecutive day off. It began with a call. New girl's sick. I hustled in and cranked out a morning shift. It was not horrible. I was out by eleven. I had the rest of the day in front of me to run errands and such. I found myself at the library to pick up tax stuff, and I found myself browsing the DVDs. It's an interesting collection. Especially the television DVDs. A lot of stuff I never thought about people wanting to own on DVD was there. I also took out all the Mystery Science Theater 3000 they had because...come on. It's MST3K. Also browsing through the movies, they had an unriffed copy of Spacy Mutiny that I strongly considered checking out. I think that would be a fun gettogether. Get a few people to sit and watch and do our own half-MST3K half-original riff of it. SMOKE MANMUSCLE! I faced down Amy's tonight. I spent a little while rehearsing my set so that it would flow a little better before I left this evening. When I was there I decided, "Fuck it. I am going to have a good set tonight." And I did. And it was great. The Snooki bit has a lot of good laughs in it. My Kickstarter bit is going well, but I need to put some more punchlines in with the reward system. Some of them are just weird and don't really hit. I dusted off the old bit about the coffee stickers and it wasn't until I was telling it that I realized that it wasn't as good as I remembered it being. But having a good set at Amy's was just what the doctor ordered. I can go to the Club tomorrow and if I get on, take the stage with some measure of confidence.

Lo-mein belly. Maybe not the best plan. But that's way too late now. I accept my punishment with the knowledge that I took this course of action of my own free will.