2012/10/26: A Treat For Far-Flung Friends And Fans

by Nick Smith

I've been a bit busy of late with work and comedy and other various assorted shit, so please forgive me for letting this blog languish for a solid month. But I did start a debatably interesting podcast in that time, so there's that. You can listening by clicking Yammercast at the top of your computer screen to go over to the podcast's page. So at least I did something.

Many of you have been clamoring to hear me do stand-up despite the geographical difficulties in doing so.  Consider this my gift to you. I did two sets on Wednesday night. First at the Big Deuce Open-Mic at the Comedy Club on State, quite possibly the best open-mic comedy show in the nation. After that, I went over to The Fountain to perform on The Cut Open Mic run by the great Jackson Jones. Below you can hear my set at the Big Deuce. Enjoy.