2012-08-26: Christening

by Nick Smith

I am attempting to migrate and centralize my internet shit over here at the soon-to-be whoisnicksmith.com. I just spent way too long poking at this Squarespace thing until it did my bidding. I am making this move because I have always wanted my own dotcommy space to fiddle about with for all the world to see. Also, it will become necessary to have a place where I can refer the rest of the world to go when I need them to help me further the process of making fun shit for maybe a living? Also, the gears are turning on the production of some potentially-recurring content-to-be-named-hopefully-sooner-than-later. As for now, I'm just crudely doing vaguely internetty things to this page in hopes of making it resemble a competently arranged hunk of stuff.

Cheers, gringos!