2012/09/03: Unmoored

by Nick Smith

I am taking this sumbitch live tonight I guess. Come on in! Sorry the place is a mess. I don't really understand what the hell I am doing with this, despite the "user-friendliness" and "intuitive interface" and other such horseshit. Not sure exactly what I will have to offer in terms of content. I know that I'll do what I can to keep you updated about my endeavours at amusing the masses with my rapier wit and whatnot. There is also a consistently-just-on-the-verge-of-happening piece of recurring content about which I do not wish to spoil the surprise and have no real timetable for as yet. Yes I am typing this with the intent that the text will serve to glare at my co-conspirators in a lets-strap-in-and-press-the-button-labelled-ON sort of way.

Also of note. I will be performing at the Project Lodge Comedy Showcase this Sunday, September 9th at 7:30 PM. It costs $2 so the organizers can pay the folks at the Lodge to use their space. The Project Lodge is at 817 East Johnson Street in Madison. I have some new material squirreled away that you might find chucklesome. THIS is the answer to "when can I come see you do a show?" or other variant of inquisition concerning my pursuit of humor.

So...yeah. Website. Not much to see right now. But bookmark it or some such bullshit. There will hopefully be some cool shit coming down the pipe perhaps? Maybe once I manage to get some passable video of me onstage, maybe? Who knows? It's the goddamned internet, man! Anything can happen.