2013/05/02: Coming Up Milhouse

by Nick Smith

Apologies for neglecting this stuff. I am awful at keeping up with these sorts of things.

Good news, Everyone! Something is going well! My comedying has been picking up a bit lately. A couple weeks ago, I had a completely empty calendar. Now I have STUFF! Firstly, I now have my own show. Every Monday night I am hosting the open mic at the Argus. I also have a few shows booked. On May 28th, I will be a guest on the Jimmy K Show, an internet radio show broadcast at maxinkradio.com. It is also recorded live at the Wisco here in Madison so if you're in town, you should come out. On June 19th I'm performing on a showcase down in Loves Park, IL. Then the next night June 20th I am doing my first Thursday night showcase set at the Comedy Club on State here in Madison. I'll be opening for Sean O'Connor and you can reserve seats at madisoncomedy.com

So exciting things are happening.