2013/05/04: Popping Up All Over

by Nick Smith

I neglected to mention last time one other piece of news. I recently made my first appearance as a podcast guest. Friend-of-the-show Stefan Claypool is an aspiring writer of fictions and achieving podcaster who is exploring the life/art balance for those of us without the good fortune of going big time at our artistic vocations. His podcast is called Part-Time Art and you can listen to it at: http://iamtheprotagonist.com/part-time-art/. I had the honor of being his first-ever guest on the most recent show that was posted today. I talked a bit about my process and how I manage to pursue my craft as a non-professional. We also goof around a fair amount, because that's just what happens when you put the two of us together.

All right. That's all I really have for you peoples today. Stay mighty.